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How RE, FMs, Building Owners plus the A&D Professionals must support employment standards (IASR) Join us for the BOMATO Event Feb 9th Jane Sleeth speaker

The latest phase of accessibility regulations in Ontario may concern employment standards, but facility managers have a role to play in compliance. Source: How FMs can support employment standards There are seats available for Tuesday Feb 9th BOMATO event. From 7:30 to 9:30 Jane Sleeth Principal and Head of Ergonomic & Universal Design at Optimal […]

Its 2016. Do you know the status of your AODA, AMDA & Accessible BC 2024 compliance programs?

Its 2016. Do you know the status of your AODA, AMDA & Accessible BC 2024 compliance programs? Dec 30, 2015 Its soon to be 2016! Remember when we were celebrating the year 2000? Much has happened in the area of making provinces accessible for all business, retail, homes/condos mostly in Ontario and now in Manitoba […]

Open Office Designs are leading to distracted and more error prone employees

Remember when education gurus experimented with open classrooms? I was one of thousands of products of that not so brilliant, failed experiment. Cognitive experts and brain imaging studies clearly show the human brain functions optimally when there is quiet, uninterrupted space available to employees….and students. We get it at Optimal Performance and are not naïve […]

Classic Displays: OPC’s Accessibility team reviewed Seating and Benches & Approves!

Classic Displays: Increase Accessibility with Accessible Seating via Classic Displays: Increase Accessibility with Accessible Seating. As part of the new IASR under the AODA for Ontario Public Spaces must also include accessible design. Have a look at these benches and let us know what makes these benches more accessible for aging and disabled users. OPC […]

RESNA, ISO and ANSI Standards for Wheelchairs and other Assistive Devices from OPC Inc’s AODA experts

Assistive Device Standards for Wheelchairs RESNA, Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America. RESNA members promote the exchange of ideas and information for the advancement of assistive technology. RESNA develops standards for assistive devices in the following areas: wheelchairs (including scooters), wheelchairs and transportation, wheelchair seating, support surfaces, vision and hearing impairments, adaptive […]

AODA 2014-2015 upcoming deadlines…and things to work on in 2015 for 2016 | First Reference Talks

AODA 2014-2015 upcoming deadlines…and things to work on in 2015 for 2016 | First Reference Talks. In case the message is not getting out about the AODA by Optimal Performance’s AODA team, have a read of this First Reference Blog for further information – the AODA’s IASR and Ontario Build Code are in full swing […]

DIY accessibility – NOW Magazine review – OPC Inc experts respond

DIY accessibility – NOW Magazine. The Ramp Project is a positive step in the right direction in that it raises awareness about People with Disabilities (PwD). The issue Optimal Performance has with these types of accessible specific designs is they inadvertently dis able other people. For example these ramps jut out into the public sidewalks […]