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Worth repeating a conversation in Architectural Signage Group Linked In – Ergonomics is the science behind Signage and Wayfinding

HI Folks at Architectural Signage Linked In Group …. OPC’s Jane Sleeth weighing in as the questions you are asking have been well researched over the last number of decades – both the distance one can read a sign from and the size and type of icons which should be used on signs. What you […]

The AODA is the Law In Ontario PLUS it makes for an excellent business case!

Only 30% of employers in Ontario are compliant with the Customer Service Standard (CSS) of the AODA. As part of the CSS compliance, Optimal Performance developed an easy to use, effective elearning tool which takes approx 30 min for your employees to review, take quizzes and show learning has occurred. Certificates of completion are issued […]

Learning more about Way Finding; Blind Navigation PhD Research C Folska

A recommended read for any Facility Manager, Urban and Building Designer and Architect, and those trying to learn about the future impact of the AODA and ADA in North America. JESleeth Olga Dosis Blind Navigation: Implications for Urban Design and Cognition By Claudia Folska, University of Colorado at Boulder, Institute of Cognitive Science May 15, […]

Wayfinding Design Principles in Anticipation of the AODA Requirements

The ADA and AODA Require Way Finding to be improved in Public Spaces and Offices  JESleeth, Olga Dosis, CL DeMaeyer OPC Inc While hiking along what was supposed to be a marked trail with three friends in Muskoka we quickly found 30 minutes into the hike that we were lost lost & lost. It was only by […]