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When you hear Optimal Performance Consultants talk about Human Factors in Accessible Design this is what we mean

In OPC Inc’s Ergonomic, Human Factors and Accessible Design practice we find that many clients and even the general public are not aware of how these three areas of expertise are interrelated and necessary to have in place for the design of the workplace, buildings and websites to name a few. While ergonomics takes care […]

The AODA is the Law In Ontario PLUS it makes for an excellent business case!

Only 30% of employers in Ontario are compliant with the Customer Service Standard (CSS) of the AODA. As part of the CSS compliance, Optimal Performance developed an easy to use, effective elearning tool which takes approx 30 min for your employees to review, take quizzes and show learning has occurred. Certificates of completion are issued […]

Ontario Disabilities Act Creates Compliance Confusion – The Globe and Mail

Business whom we speak with are still not even aware of the CSS which was due January 2012. Reporting timelines have been changed but private business still needs to comply; and the next phase includes the Integrated Standards and Emergency Plans to help clear up the confusion Ontario disabilities act creates compliance confusion – […]

Office Designers Again show no Interest in Accessible Universal Design or Ergonomics

This on line article is written by Peter Fabris for Building Design & Construction & is entitled “8 Must-Know Trends In Office Fitouts “ I bring this article to the attention of our readers of OPCTODAY so you can see how little attention if any is given to FUNCTION with all attention going to FORM and […]

OPC Recommends Universal Design Article with Hitachi

Universal Design at Hitachi; This is an excellent illustration about the differences between Accessible Design and Universal Design. The  marketplace and ROI for this is enormous whereas taking just an “accessibility” approach will represent a larger cost to Ontario’s Businesses. Read on to see how Universal Design is an huge and untapped business opportunity for ALL businesses […]

Why all Businesses should have Written, Objective Ergonomic Standards in Place

Background and Case Study; One of your employees has let their supervisor know they have been having on-going issues with low back discomfort. They let HR know as well that they will be using their benefits to see a massage therapist and a Physiotherapist for their lower back issues. 2 weeks later the employee continues to […]

Wayfinding Design Principles in Anticipation of the AODA Requirements

The ADA and AODA Require Way Finding to be improved in Public Spaces and Offices  JESleeth, Olga Dosis, CL DeMaeyer OPC Inc While hiking along what was supposed to be a marked trail with three friends in Muskoka we quickly found 30 minutes into the hike that we were lost lost & lost. It was only by […]