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Beware “ergonomic” firms who oversell “ergonomic” furniture including Sit to Stand Workstations says OPC Inc.

1. OPC Inc conducted a QUALITATIVE ERGONOMIC CLIENT Study following our Client’s move to their new building located in Toronto ON. For the purposes of this qualitative study we reviewed the First Floor & Sub Floor where there were a total of 29 workstations sold to and installed by a well known “ergonomic” firm who […]

Minimal exercise can counteract sedentary lifestyle | Toronto Star Dr Dina Brooks

Minimal exercise can counteract sedentary lifestyle | Toronto Star. I went to U of T with Dr Dina Brooks. She was one smart cookie then in this area of expertise and clearly remains so today. Have a read all you sedentary employees ….read this in standing before you head out for your walk would be […]

Why Symptoms of MSI get worse when employee’s don’t receive what they think they need……

Good morning Manager We reviewed the ergonomic report generated by OPC when you first mentioned EE’s self reported increase in symptoms despite the fact the evidence indicates this will place her arms/shoulders into neutral postures and eliminate static loads at these joints. These recommendations in both ergonomic and physiotherapeutic terms (I am both an Ergonomist and Physiotherapist) means this […]

Optimal Performance and our Consultants will abide by the evidence; Static Standing is equally “hazardous” to your health

There are an increasing number of requests for sit to stand workstations resulting from major marketing campaigns on the part of the furniture manufacturers.  As well anecdotal headlines such as “sitting is the new smoking” and “sitting will kill you” have led to a large increase in the # of employees who request sit to […]

Even with regular exercise, excessive sitting linked to disease, premature death – OHS Canada Magazine BUT so can static standing says OPC Inc.

Even with regular exercise, excessive sitting linked to disease, premature death – OHS Canada Magazine. Great review of the literature by top researchers regarding sitting at work & negative health outcomes. What we are missing here are the equally important studies about risks associated with static standing at work. At OPC Inc we advise our […]

Time for Human Resources, Facility Managers and Purchasing to Meet with Sr Level OPC Consultants before Human Rights Complaints start!!

Following is recent correspondence which OPC Inc. has had with our clients as there are increasing “demands” from employees and their Physicians (by way of Doctors Notes) regarding Sit to Stand workstations. … is our opinion that a national strategy needs to take place for YOUR COMPANY along with the development of a Standards Document […]

There is a lot of “noise” in the Ergonomic world about Sit to Stand Portable Stands

There is a lot of “noise” these days in the world of Ergonomics about the need to use Sit to Stand workstations including the use of Portable Stands (see photo). At Optimal Performance our consultants are being increasingly asked if these desk top sit to stand units are a good alternative to sit to stand […]