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Tribunal fines Employers for Contraventions of the AODA reports Optimal Performance’s AODA experts; Employers Beware!

Attention OPC Clients, BOMA, IFMA, FAMOS members. Fines are now being levied for AODA Non-Compliance.

The Impact of implementing the Washington State ergonomic program in the Workplace [Am J Ind Med. 2009] – PubMed – NCBI

Impact of implementing the Washington State erg… [Am J Ind Med. 2009] – PubMed – NCBI. Interesting result which is measureable and sustainable when employers put formal ergonomic programs into place. This includes using program guidelines, education of all employees and supervisors, measurement of outcomes and the use of validated ergonomic standards with which to […]

The AODA is the Law In Ontario PLUS it makes for an excellent business case!

Only 30% of employers in Ontario are compliant with the Customer Service Standard (CSS) of the AODA. As part of the CSS compliance, Optimal Performance developed an easy to use, effective elearning tool which takes approx 30 min for your employees to review, take quizzes and show learning has occurred. Certificates of completion are issued […]

Disability Management & Absenteeism Management are Intertwined

Absenteeism Controls are Intertwined with Disability Management In the workplace there are two types of absence, each of which requires a different type of approach on the part of the Human Resources Manager who has been assigned this area of specialty and responsibility. 1. Innocent Absenteeism Innocent absenteeism refers to employees who are absent from […]

Canadian Standards Association’s Review of the Psychological Safety & Health in the Workplace

The CSA Standards for Psychological Safety and Health in the Workplace: As of January 2012 the CSA standards for Psychological Safety and Health in the Workplace commenced a consultation process. As this CSA standard becomes finalized all workplaces in Canada will have a framework for the implementation of programs towards improving the mental health of employees. The reason for so much attention being directed to mental health […]

Olga Dosis to Deliver; What is Next for the AODA; IAS is Here

The AODA is here to stay; the Integrated Accessibility Standards are Next Knoll and OPC are running their quarterly Breakfast Seminar March 13th 8 am-12 pm One of Canada‚Äôs leading authorities on accessibility & the AODA Olga Dosis will review of the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards for Employers in Ontario For the many employers in Ontario who […]

Institute for Work & Health’s Review of Lack of Benefits in passive treatments for Back & Neck Pain

  Institute for Work & Health’s Review of Lack of Benefits in passive treatments for Back & Neck Pain Fast but finite: Complementary and alternative therapies “A review led by a scientist from the Institute for Work & Health investigated the effectiveness of alternative therapies for back & neck pain and found that the benefits may […]