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Did you know Ergonomics is Mandatory Under the General Duty Clause of the OHS Act?

A formal and effective Ergonomic Program when developed by the experts at OPC Inc. should include the following elements; 1. Written Policies about the Ergonomic Program 2. Tie in of the program with OH&S, Wellbeing and Operations 3. Basic Training for all employees about ergonomic principles 4. Formal Training for the OH&S Committee about Ergonomic […]

There is no way around it; Back Pain & Injury Requires Exercise & Ergonomics Not Drugs

Set back for yet another back pain medication highlights the need for emphasis on prevention & exercise efforts Yet another drug aimed at being a cure all for back pain as part of the promise of a panacea in the treatment of back pain has failed. The latest drug Axomadol, that was being investigated for the relief of symptoms of moderate to […]