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Did you know Ergonomics is Mandatory Under the General Duty Clause of the OHS Act?

A formal and effective Ergonomic Program when developed by the experts at OPC Inc. should include the following elements; 1. Written Policies about the Ergonomic Program 2. Tie in of the program with OH&S, Wellbeing and Operations 3. Basic Training for all employees about ergonomic principles 4. Formal Training for the OH&S Committee about Ergonomic […]

I am posting an article from Dr Budnick regarding the Back

We Told Them to Lift with Their Legs, but They Just Won’t Listen! I am reposting what we feel is a new look at Manual Materials Handling techniques towards back injury prevention Dr. Peter Budnick, PhD, CPE In this study, the authors hypothesized that people whose back strength is greater than their total knee strength are more likely […]