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Did you know Ergonomics is Mandatory Under the General Duty Clause of the OHS Act?

A formal and effective Ergonomic Program when developed by the experts at OPC Inc. should include the following elements; 1. Written Policies about the Ergonomic Program 2. Tie in of the program with OH&S, Wellbeing and Operations 3. Basic Training for all employees about ergonomic principles 4. Formal Training for the OH&S Committee about Ergonomic […]

Get Ready for CSA Z1003/BNQ 9700: Canada’s First National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

The Canadian Standards Association has just released its much anticipated new Workplace Mental Health & Safety Standard referred to as CSA Z1003/BNQ 9700.  This standard recommends the first National Standard on this topic and is applicable to all sizes and types of workplaces in Canada.  The document was just released November 7th 2012 and refers […]

Canadian Standards Association’s Review of the Psychological Safety & Health in the Workplace

The CSA Standards for Psychological Safety and Health in the Workplace: As of January 2012 the CSA standards for Psychological Safety and Health in the Workplace commenced a consultation process. As this CSA standard becomes finalized all workplaces in Canada will have a framework for the implementation of programs towards improving the mental health of employees. The reason for so much attention being directed to mental health […]

How Moral Hazards Affect Workers Compensation Behaviour

How Moral Hazards Affect Workers Compensation BehaviourThis is an excerpt from the Blog entitled Amaxx Risk Solutions, author Rebecca Shafer. I recommend this article as this encapsulates what we find statistically occurs in our Disability Practice at OPC as well as that of many large & small Disability Management firms & WCB’s in Canada.Turns out Dr Hamilton Hall was […]

NEWS UPDATESeptember 1, 2011    Today is a historic day for the Physiotherapy Profession & for all patients Although for many years physiotherapists have had the expertise to diagnose injuries within our scope of practice, it was not until today, September 1, 2011 that the legislative and regulatory environment has actually allowed us to communicate […]

My Response in Linked In to Anger from some of Disabled Community

R your point is excellent and ties in well with some recent research which was reviewed & discussed on CBC radio this weekend past about “getting back” at people.When one seeks to get back at people who do not understand disability the outcome for the person seeking revenge is a negative outcome internally. Further, the cognitive research also reveals […]