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Did you know Ergonomics is about Preventing Human Error?

Many an OH&S Manager or Committee make the same assumptions when attempting a Root Cause Analysis. Too often the human factor is deemed to be the cause for an accident, near miss or MSI injury, product error. To jump to this conclusion in the absence of performing a full and complete Root Cause Analysis is […]

Ergonomics ROI: How To Document Ergonomics-Related Improvements Excerpts from Dr P Budnick October 11, 2012

Excerpts from an original Peter Budnick, PhD, CPE article with Ergoweb. Proving the value of ergonomics is a critical part of the process and where most ergonomic and design projects should commence. Optimal and our consultants have written about this subject and presented detailed ROI’s as part of our Nuts and Bolts of ergonomics Workshops […]

Ergonomics and LEED Certification go Hand in Hand with the new Pilot Credit 44

LEED Certification and the Pilot Credit 44 – Ergonomics Strategy by JE Sleeth, Kartik Vyas, Carrie DeMaeyer OPC Ergonomic Consultants With every new building, new design, redesign, renovation, purchase of new furniture and equipment there is an opportunity for your business to have a positive impact on both the environment and the occupants, end users, […]

JE Sleeth’s 4th Published book from Carswell; Psychological Illness, Mental Health & the Workplace: Canadian Trends & Return to Work Challenges

CLV Special Report – Psychological Illness, Mental Health and the Workplace: Canadian Trends and Return to Work Challenges Psychological illnesses are present and have been present in various forms and manifestations in the workplace for as long as there have been workplaces. It is only recently that employers are starting to understand the size of […]

OPC finds Ergonomic Research and Neurocognitive evidence completely missed in Open Office Designs

Market Insight: Open Plan versus Enclosed Private Offices: A Review of the Research by Knoll The debate concerning open plan offices versus enclosed private offices has resulted in a body of research that explores the pros and cons of both approaches. For the purposes of this discussion, we are defining “open plan” as an environment comprised […]

Learning more about Way Finding; Blind Navigation PhD Research C Folska

A recommended read for any Facility Manager, Urban and Building Designer and Architect, and those trying to learn about the future impact of the AODA and ADA in North America. JESleeth Olga Dosis Blind Navigation: Implications for Urban Design and Cognition By Claudia Folska, University of Colorado at Boulder, Institute of Cognitive Science May 15, […]

Wayfinding Design Principles in Anticipation of the AODA Requirements

The ADA and AODA Require Way Finding to be improved in Public Spaces and Offices  JESleeth, Olga Dosis, CL DeMaeyer OPC Inc While hiking along what was supposed to be a marked trail with three friends in Muskoka we quickly found 30 minutes into the hike that we were lost lost & lost. It was only by […]