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The AODA is the Law In Ontario PLUS it makes for an excellent business case!

Only 30% of employers in Ontario are compliant with the Customer Service Standard (CSS) of the AODA. As part of the CSS compliance, Optimal Performance developed an easy to use, effective elearning tool which takes approx 30 min for your employees to review, take quizzes and show learning has occurred. Certificates of completion are issued […]

According to many architects and lawyers disabled employees should self select out of a job!

I wonder if any of the architects, designers, lawyers and HR professionals who read this article will continue to be misinformed thanks to this biased article in Canadian Architect about Accessible Design being a minefield. With the ADA in the US being litigated every day at great expense financially and in terms of brand damage […]

Ontario Workers Could Gain Right To Object To Medical Disclosures

Ontario’s Bill 110, the Good Government Act, 2010, would give an injured worker an opportunity to object to the automatic disclosure to her employer of the assessment report by the workers’ compensation board’s physician. If this bill passes, an employer may have to provide justification for why it should be entitled to a copy of […]