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Ergonomics and LEED Certification go Hand in Hand with the new Pilot Credit 44

LEED Certification and the Pilot Credit 44 – Ergonomics Strategy by JE Sleeth, Kartik Vyas, Carrie DeMaeyer OPC Ergonomic Consultants With every new building, new design, redesign, renovation, purchase of new furniture and equipment there is an opportunity for your business to have a positive impact on both the environment and the occupants, end users, […]

Ergonomics in Hospital and Health Care Setting; Prevent Human Error and Falls

In the Ergonomics in Design section of OPC’s Blogs we talk about the use of Ergonomics and Human Factor Design in the prevention of accidents & human error. To take this theme further, discussion about how the design of the SYSTEMS including product/equipment and technology, process/procedures and the building design and environment affects the frequency and severity of human […]