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Did you know Ergonomics is about Preventing Human Error?

Many an OH&S Manager or Committee make the same assumptions when attempting a Root Cause Analysis. Too often the human factor is deemed to be the cause for an accident, near miss or MSI injury, product error. To jump to this conclusion in the absence of performing a full and complete Root Cause Analysis is […]

Why do 54% of Canadians “fake” sick time?

54% of Canadian workers ADMIT to taking sick days off not for sickness or accident. Learn about why this happens and how to prevent this in Return to Work Toolkit from Carswell, Author JESleeth

Optimal Performance’s First Blog Post

It has taken a while however we wanted to do this right versus being the first out of the gates!  At Optimal our team wanted to ensure our Blog was not just about adding unnecessary content into the Blogosphere but to really make a difference to our readership in terms of adding fair, objective & […]