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When you hear Optimal Performance Consultants talk about Human Factors in Accessible Design this is what we mean

In OPC Inc’s Ergonomic, Human Factors and Accessible Design practice we find that many clients and even the general public are not aware of how these three areas of expertise are interrelated and necessary to have in place for the design of the workplace, buildings and websites to name a few. While ergonomics takes care […]

WorldatWork Doug Kube Article Improving Disability Management; Recommended read by JESleeth OPC Inc.

Improving Disability Management: Understanding the True Determinants of Work Disability to Create Healthy, Productive Workplaces By Douglas J. Kube, CHSC, EP, OHS-A, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and Sofina Foods Inc. Employers are striving to create healthy, productive workplaces where workers are accommodated after injury or illness as well as contain rising disability […]

DIY accessibility – NOW Magazine review – OPC Inc experts respond

DIY accessibility – NOW Magazine. The Ramp Project is a positive step in the right direction in that it raises awareness about People with Disabilities (PwD). The issue Optimal Performance has with these types of accessible specific designs is they inadvertently dis able other people. For example these ramps jut out into the public sidewalks […]

Did you know Ergonomics is Mandatory Under the General Duty Clause of the OHS Act?

A formal and effective Ergonomic Program when developed by the experts at OPC Inc. should include the following elements; 1. Written Policies about the Ergonomic Program 2. Tie in of the program with OH&S, Wellbeing and Operations 3. Basic Training for all employees about ergonomic principles 4. Formal Training for the OH&S Committee about Ergonomic […]

Why do 54% of Canadians “fake” sick time?

54% of Canadian workers ADMIT to taking sick days off not for sickness or accident. Learn about why this happens and how to prevent this in Return to Work Toolkit from Carswell, Author JESleeth

Just when you thought you had a handle on the CSS for AODA… Public Review of the Proposed Revised Customer Service Standard

A reminder to our clients and Linked In & Twitter contacts in Ontario that the Customer Service Standards have been reviewed this past Fall and are now available for Public Review and Feedback. If you need to know more about this and how it will impact your current CSS Policies and Training contact one of […]

The Bottom Line is Waiting for the Government to move along the AODA is bad business; Using AODA to gain customers is smart business

Clearly the Provincial Government has their attention moved towards the current scandal with the cancellation of Gas Plants and the subsequent cover up. This means the AODA is stalled for many reasons by the Province. Having said this Optimal Performance is still saying the same thing over again. Smart businesses will see that gaining access […]