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How RE, FMs, Building Owners plus the A&D Professionals must support employment standards (IASR) Join us for the BOMATO Event Feb 9th Jane Sleeth speaker

The latest phase of accessibility regulations in Ontario may concern employment standards, but facility managers have a role to play in compliance. Source: How FMs can support employment standards There are seats available for Tuesday Feb 9th BOMATO event. From 7:30 to 9:30 Jane Sleeth Principal and Head of Ergonomic & Universal Design at Optimal […]

Its 2016. Do you know the status of your AODA, AMDA & Accessible BC 2024 compliance programs?

Its 2016. Do you know the status of your AODA, AMDA & Accessible BC 2024 compliance programs? Dec 30, 2015 Its soon to be 2016! Remember when we were celebrating the year 2000? Much has happened in the area of making provinces accessible for all business, retail, homes/condos mostly in Ontario and now in Manitoba […]

New Employer Risk in 2016: Employment & Accessibility

As 2016 nears employers in Ontario will once again have to get moving with a new set of legal obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (called the AODA). We remain surprised in our consulting practice how this significant and far reaching employment law has kept so low a profile for many employers (despite being 10 year old employment law […]

When you hear Optimal Performance Consultants talk about Human Factors in Accessible Design this is what we mean

In OPC Inc’s Ergonomic, Human Factors and Accessible Design practice we find that many clients and even the general public are not aware of how these three areas of expertise are interrelated and necessary to have in place for the design of the workplace, buildings and websites to name a few. While ergonomics takes care […]

Making Elevator Modernization Decisions – Facilities Management Elevators Feature – WHERE IS THE ACCESSIBILITY?

When your condo or office tower is modernizing elevators this is the perfect and lower cost time to ensure accessible design is part of this. Some of the design features to consider as both beset practice in design as well as to ensure compliance with the new Ontario Building Code include: -mirrors in the back […]

Do 65% of employers in Ontario not care about hiring or keeping employees with disabilities?

65% of employers in Ontario as of this week are NOT compliant with the basic Customer Service Standards of the AODA. Does this send a very strong message to PwD that 65% of employers and/or businesses do not care about hiring or keeping disabled employees or care about their disabled and aging clients/customers? That is […]

Mayo Moran’s review of the AODA by First Reference Forget Compliance Look at the Business Case

Source: 65% of companies in Ontario are NOT compliant with the basic CSS Phase 1 of the AODA Act. This means PwD + aging populations in Canada cannot access the workplace fully, cannot access retail and restaurants or vacation spots in which to spend their money. The marketplace worldwide for PwD is the same […]