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EMPLOYERS; You do NOT need to accept Physicians notes when they comment about Accommodation, Ergonomics, Equipment, Hours of work; OPC Advice

The Quote extracted from an Abitrated Case by Arbitrator Surdykowski in Hamilton Health Sciences Supra Note 18 at Paragraph 40 2011, is outlined in this Blog as it is very important and timely given how often Physicians are submitting notes to HR and FM in the workplace regarding; -what equipment must be put into place […]   Need to know more about how to lower the increasing healthcare, insurance and WSIB costs associated with lost time injury and illness? There are still seats available at the Sept 18 and 19th Federated Press  Disability Management Conference.  Jane Sleeth of Optimal Performance will be providing her popular topic on Fostering Productive Communication […]

Why do 54% of Canadians “fake” sick time?

54% of Canadian workers ADMIT to taking sick days off not for sickness or accident. Learn about why this happens and how to prevent this in Return to Work Toolkit from Carswell, Author JESleeth

Davis LLP Toronto Employment and Labour Law Conference, Friday, May 9, 2014 – Jane Sleeth of OPC Inc; Author Carswell will be speaking

Davis LLP Toronto Employment & Labour Law Conference, Friday, May 9, 2014 – Event Summary | Online Registration by Cvent.   This will be one of the best Employment and Labour Conferences to attend as the line up  of speakers is top notch and Davis LLP one of the top firms in this area of […]

CAN/CSA-Z1003-13/BNQ 9700-803/2013 Occupational H&S Management The Basis of Jane Sleeth’s Talk May 9th Davis LLP

Jane Sleeth of Optimal Performance will be leading a discussion group about Mental Health in the Workplace and Accommodation at the May 9th Davis LLP Conference. This excellent and important Standard will form a key part of the discussion as this lend structure to a discussion often lacking good evidence about brain science.  If you […]

Senior Executives need to become more aware of issues related to disability in workplace and in care of disabled family members says OPC

OPC’s interest in this case and one for Sr Executives to be aware of is employees are expected to take care of disabled relatives more and more as the Health Care System in each province downloads responsibility onto family members in order for the provinces to make health care ends meet. This has a direct […]

So where do we stand now with the AODA? What is the IASR?

Assuming your company (yes even if you are a one person operation!) is now in compliance with the Customer Service Standard (CSS) of the AODA, the harder part of the AODA should now be in your focus. I will devote the next few Blogs to explaining this next phase referred to as IASR or the […]