How FMs Building Owners & Managers, Contractors, A&D, Engineers, Electrical experts must now support employment standards of the IASR

If you missed the #BOMAToronto Breakfast Seminar yesterday, this was a well attended event with many questions about the role #FM #BuildOwners #BuildingManagers #A&D must now play. Time for #HR to pass along responsibility from their departments (we find HR are holding onto the AODA and not collaborating with the other team members who MUST be at the table now) to these professionals to ensure the #builtenvironment is audited & designed for access by all. Contact BOMATO or #optimalperformanceconsultants for a copy of the slides & look out for a follow up Webinar on this topic from BOMA Toronto.


“The latest phase of accessibility regulations in Ontario may concern employment standards, but facility managers have a role to play in compliance.” Michelle Ervin CFM&D Magazine

Source: How FMs can support employment standards

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  1. Time for HR to be aware that the AODA is now in the purvue & responsibility of Building Owners & Managers, FM, Building Engineers and Electrical, Contractors & Construction managers, Ergonomists & People with Disabilities/employees. On the IT side this now belongs with IT and accessible web experts. If anyone in this list has not heard from your HR department please let them know that in order for the AODA, AMDA and the BC Accessible 2024 to take place you must be on the committees developing Policy & creating programming & designs. Learn more at BOMATO and Optimal Performance Consultants.

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