How RE, FMs, Building Owners plus the A&D Professionals must support employment standards (IASR) Join us for the BOMATO Event Feb 9th Jane Sleeth speaker

The latest phase of accessibility regulations in Ontario may concern employment standards, but facility managers have a role to play in compliance.

Source: How FMs can support employment standards

There are seats available for Tuesday Feb 9th BOMATO event. From 7:30 to 9:30 Jane Sleeth Principal and Head of Ergonomic & Universal Design at Optimal Performance Consultants will review how now more than ever RE, FM’s, Building Owners and Managers plus the A&D Communities need to work with HR, IT, Web Designers, Kiosk Designers, Signage and Wayfinding experts towards ensuring your tenants meet the IASR (AODA Phase 2) requirements to recruit and hire People with Disabilities (PwD). Tenants are going to demand this of RE, FM, Building Managers as they start to hire PwD & renew their leases.

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