Bears Repeating Again; There is an algorithm to determine if Sit to Stand is appropriate

A sit to stand workstation is not recommended as Mr. T spends time away from his desk visiting various bank branches; ie .sitting does not exceed 34-66 daily; Mr T does not have neurological symptoms which are bona fide medical reasons for sit to stand; and the use of static standing postures which occurs with sit to stand workstations is associated with increased cardiac loads; increased blood pressure; increased risk for varicose veins; limited circulation from the feet/legs back to the heart etc.

Given there are physiological risks associated with the use of sit to stand workstations and Mr. T does not have significant neurological issues the risk outweigh the benefits in this case.


We also respectfully ask Physiotherapists, Doctors and chiropractors to stop recommending workplace equipment and furniture which is the expertise of Ergonomists as this sets up false expectations of non-evidence based solutions on the part of the employee, your patients.

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