Strange how Bank Tellers Prefer to Sit at Standing Workstations While Office Employees Demand to Stand

It is time for employers, purchasing managers, facility managers and HR managers to take a step back as the tsunami of demands for Sit to Stand Workstations continues to move forward.

A question to ponder apart from the evidence OPC Inc. has written about in previous posts is: why do our consultants find over 95% of Tellers at major Canadian banks insist on sitting at their standing workstations while office employees say if they could stand all of their physical issues would improve?

Check our previous Blog entries to learn the negative impact of standing statically for long periods of time as well as the health impacts associated with static sitting postures.

So what is the answer? Should we all be using adjustable height desks? Do we need a treadmill at our desks? Answer: No Answer: No.

What we do need is a reasoned and unbiased approach to the design of the workplace such that employees start to move dynamically in the workplace, at lunch and during breaks. This should occur as a result of excellent interior design and the purchase of excellent furniture and seating products. It should also result from the application of Wellbeing at a strategic level of your organization.

If you need to learn more about this hot topic and determine the best solution before employees seek redress via lost time from work, human rights complaints and inaccurate doctors notes plan on attending the joint Steelcase and OPC Inc talk this October in Halifax Nova Scotia, Atlantic Business Interiors.

Featuring top speakers and experts Jane Sleeth of OPC Inc and Kathy Smythe of Steelcase Canada.

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