Worth repeating a conversation in Architectural Signage Group Linked In – Ergonomics is the science behind Signage and Wayfinding

HI Folks at Architectural Signage Linked In Group

…. OPC’s Jane Sleeth weighing in as the questions you are asking have been well researched over the last number of decades – both the distance one can read a sign from and the size and type of icons which should be used on signs. What you are asking is in fact a large part of Universal Design as it relates to the development and use of icons.
This expertise is housed in the specialist areas of ergonomics called Universal or Accessible design and in the science of Signage and Wayfinding. Our lead Architect at Optimal has completed her Masters of Science in the UK on this specialist topic and now teaches this at OCADU in Ontario Canada to design and architectural students.

Our team of specialists works with clients in this exact area in which you are asking about. We audit the type of signage, purpose for the signage, how it ties in with wayfinding and measure distances in which the signs are intended to be read from, the type of person who will be reading the signs etc ie. with a view to ensure ADA, DDA (UK and Australia) or AODA (Canada) compliance to name a few of the data points we collect.

Sign design companies need to work with ergonomics & accessibility experts to design effective signs

Sign design companies need to work with ergonomics & accessibility experts to design effective signs

Once all of this data is collected and reviewed this is compared to the human factors and wayfinding evidence.
Designs are then made in tandem with the design/sign designers to not only ensure proper design and graphics but also ensure proper installation and maintenance of the sign(s) installed.
Designers of signage and wayfinding systems need to understand there is a science of ergonomics and accessible design that exists and that these are the experts whom you want to team with to get the right answers and design into place.
Jane Sleeth Cheryl Giraudy Architect and MSc. Wayfinding

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