Institute for Workplace Health Researcher finds 22-44% of office workers have pain in their neck, shoulder, arms/hands.

In any given year, anywhere from 24 to 44 per cent of office workers report the presence of pain and discomfort in their neck, shoulder, arms or hands, according to large-scale surveys conducted by or reviewed by The Institute for Workplace Health, in Toronto.

A less-than-optimal set-up of a computer workstation can increase the risk for musculoskeletal disorders and poorer workplace performance,” says IWH Senior Scientist Dr. Ben Amick, who led the research team.

Not only are MSI's a significant cause of presenteeism in your office it is increases risk for employee complaints & lowered morale.

Not only are MSI’s a significant cause of presenteeism in your office it is increases risk for employee complaints & lowered morale.

OPC Inc finds this to be an interesting statistic which is similar to the findings of our annual data & trends review conducted by our research team. So if this is the case why do so many office workplaces still not use ergonomic and human factors expertise before they build a new office, or move to a new floor up upgrade their furniture and design?

89% of employers in Canada wait to engage the services of ergonomic/human factors specialists AFTER they commence a design/build, move, or office upgrade project. This costs anywhere from 9 to 100% more in consulting costs after the fact over a 3 year time period following design/build, move, office upgrade projects. The old adage pay me now or pay me later (and more) holds true for ergonomics.

Before the “blue prints” or move plans are made please contact the ergonomic/human factors design specialists at OPC Inc to at least discuss how best to manage the human factor (the highest cost in all workplaces) for the entire project on a strategic and operationalized basis.

Call us at 1 888 768-2106 or
We can provide reviews of case studies recently and successfully completed for our clients across the country. We can also review the real ROI for using our services at the planning stage versus after the move when 24-44% of your employees develop symptoms and injury.

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