What is next for the AODA in 2015 and Compliance? Many new requirements including the OBC

Wondering what is next for 2015 and the AODA and your Company?
Remember the goal is an accessible Ontario by 2025 so there are many things to accomplish and report on including:

-All employees in large organizations need to received training on the Ontario Human Rights Code as it pertains to the IASR
Feedback processes should be deliverable in accessible format
-The Ontario Building Code is in effect as of Jan 2015 so your built environment should be audited for accessible design should renovations be planned.
-Small organizations must consider accessibility issues when designing, procuring or acquiring self-service kiosks
-Small organizations must develop and implement accessibility policies.
-Public Space Accessible Design still is in the works from the 2012 IASR’s Public Space design requirements
-If your organization updated or developed a new web page from 2012 onwards this must meet WCAG 2.0 Level A

All Greek to you? Need help navigating the AODA? Contact one of the top firms in Canada AODA@optimalperformance.ca or 1 888 768-20161 888 768-2016 FREE and ask for Jane, Carla or Jamila.
And if you received advice that your firm or company does not need to comply with the AODA and Customer Service Standard (CSS) look again as this may not have been sound advice! Many companies are using the “excuse” that they do not receive customers on their premises therefore they do not need to comply. THERE EXISTS NO SUCH EXEMPTION. The definition of “customer” is very broad and includes your company’s vendors, suppliers, consultants, volunteers etc.

The AODA's CSS, IASR and Ontario Build Code are mandatory. Non-Compliance will result in financial Penalties.

The AODA’s CSS, IASR and Ontario Build Code are mandatory. Non-Compliance will result in financial Penalties.

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