Not compliant with AODA? Ignore compliance audit notice at your peril

There are 500 companies facing AODA compliance orders from the province of Ontario. (Photo: Shutterstock)The Ontario government is cracking down on co…


The Countdown has begun for compliance with your IASR obligations under the AODA. 41 days and counting to comply and register your compliance with the Directorate.  If these acronyms are not clear to you or if your company is not certain what to do with notices you may have received over the last 2 years, please contact one of our AODA experts at  With the Ontario Build Code’s mandatory Accessible Built Environment Standard (ABES) starting in full January 1 2015 Build Owners, Property Managers, & Tenants should be considering a Built Environment & Public Space Audit by one of our OBC Experts, Architects or Interior Designers.  If your company is updating your websites, intranet or apps contact Arthur or Jason at OPC to arrange a meeting about how to comply with the WCAG level requirements (IASR).  OPC Inc since 1991

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