How to design workspaces that support employee mental health – The Business Journals

While companies invest in many strategies to support the physical health of employees, from flu vaccinations to filtered air systems, ignoring employees’ mental health means businesses risk losing any gains they make in physical health support. Depression, stress, substance abuse, financial distress, work-life balance, ADHD, and, yes, even workplace bullying are all issues with which workers are dealing and that have a large drain on productivity.


The idea of having meeting spaces which can be booked so an employee or team can quietly work together is great in theory & on ID & Architects Autocad drawings. OPC’s research in follow  up surveys & anonymous questionnaires finds 1. there is a lack of meeting space to actually book regularly 2. the ability to book meeting rooms spontaneously is limited by technology & availability.  The current designs of offices which continue to occur on the part of ID and Architects in the absence of human factors data (ergonomics) will cause these designs & implementation to fail the employees; the most important & expensive asset in all workplaces.  JESleeth  & the Ergonomic team at Optimal Performance

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