When Science is applied to office ergonomic and ROI occurs.

Fix My Computer Now knows a thing or two about #accessibility laws esp as it relates to Software, Hardware, Websites and Apps. Time to learn more about the mandatory IASR. Ask Arthur and his team how they can help. JE Sleeth Long time client of FMCN!

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One of our dearest clients, Jane Sleeth at Optimal Performance Consultants Inc. works in the dynamic world of Ergonomics and Accessibility. Being that one of our own staff is wheelchair bound, we are always interested in what Jane has to say and when opportunity knocks where Jane’s expertise and professional skills coincide with our own business targets, we like to cross promote any endeavor to help.

To that end, Jane has an workshop coming up on June 25th, 2014 entitled “When Science is applied to office ergonomic and ROI occurs.”

Who should attend: Facility Managers, Building Owners, Human Resources Managers, OH&S professionals, Purchasing, Procurement, Interior Designers and Architects

Jane Sleeth will present this 2 hour seminar to attendees in an effort to address the frequently encountered bias against the use of ergonomics in some workplaces. This bias is often due to a mistaken belief that ergonomics becomes a cost obligation…

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