Still think the AODA is only a COST item on your Capital Budgets? Look at the strong evidence otherwise says OPC Inc’s Accessibility Team

Chapter 1: Overview – ONS.


As our populations in Europe, UK, Canada & the US age, there is a greater chance people will have at least one disability. At the same time the amount of discretionary money available to spend on Retail, Travel, Hotels & Restaurants increases with age & even when a disability is present.

Ontario businesses are truly not aware of the huge ROI in providing services, goods, customer service & buildings in an accessible way.  Short sited businesses see this as a cost & a compliance issue only.

For the top 20% of private companies who “get” this concept & the ROI on Inclusive Design, Optimal Performance’s team of Web Designers, Built Environment Accessibility Auditors, Strategic Program Consultants & Architects, Facility Managers are ready & able to assist in an effective & efficient manner.

Contact one of our team at Or attend one of our many high level talks about this topic at IFMA Toronto June 3rd, Herman Miller Seminar Series or BOMA Toronto this Fall 2014.

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