Ergonomics Canada 2013 Ergonomics is about more than just the office!

Ergonomics Canada 2013- Improving Medical Device Usability.


Most employers assume when they hear the term “ergonomics” that this is just limited to office ergonomics and seating. Ergonomics and Human Factors Design can be anything from measuring noise levels in an office to determine the impact on cognitive function of your employees to enhanced design of medical products to prevent human error all the way to enhanced design of the control booth in a steel mill for improved productivity and prevention of operator fatigue.  Ergonomics should also play a key role in the design of spaces where human beings of all abilities and disabilities will be present ie Inclusive Design. Learn more in our Blog  and contact us to learn how Optimal Performance’s national and US based ergonomists & human factors design specialists can enhance product design, ensure compliance with the ADA and AODA & prevent written orders by OSHA, the Ministry of Labour and WorkSafe BC. or call us 1 888 768-2106

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  1. Highly descriptive article, I loved that a lot. Will there be
    a part 2?

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