Speaking out about medical errors that cost lives Susan McIver Author; Time for Root Cause Analysis and Human Factors Design to Prevail

Speaking out about medical errors that cost lives | CBC Books | CBC Radio.


Speaking out about medical errors that cost lives | CBC …

http://www.cbc.ca Apr 19, 2013 – Co-author Susan McIver

“The numbers are staggering: 24,000 deaths a year in Canada are due to medical error”.

Before you head to a hospital make sure you read this book and have a patient advocate to watch all decisions being made during your stay.

I always advise friends & family to be vigilant and not to accept anything at face value in our health care system. Unless and until Litigators stop suing hospitals, Physicians, Nurses etc and back off to allow a Root Cause Analysis to occur in a safe environment these errors will keep repeating themselves.

Further, there is a huge need for Ergonomists who specialize in Human Factors Design ie cognition which leads to behavioural based errors then the mistakes will not only recur but never be prevented in the first place.

If only patients in the hospital system and those using the health care system knew the extent and degree of this problem.  There would be real demands on the part of our provincial and federal politicians to talk Health Care instead of red flag issues by Harper like crime, or Trudeau’s “issues” around legalizing marijuana.

With our aging demographic we must get this sorted out.  Read more by reading Susan McIver’s books about Medical Errors.

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