Private Companies in Ontario looking for Ontario Build Code Accessibility Audits please read before choosing a Vendor

Many private companies in Ontario are now starting to request Built Environment Assessments as per the new OBC & ABES Dec 2013. It is important to be cognizant of using properly trained & educated experts in this area as this encompasses architectural degrees, the Ontario Build Code experts who are certified to use the tool (OPC Inc has Interior Designers who are expert on the OBC, ABES), Human Factors specialists, & contractors who are able to provide correct & accurate costing of the elements which are found to be required to be added.


There are currently 3-4 companies in Ontario who are qualified & certified to provide OBC ABES Assessments. OPC Inc is one of them.

Buyer beware but we request that employers, building owners and managers be educated about who is providing these services and if they can protect your company from erroneous findings or liabilities.

Optimal Performance has all of these experts on our team & all report to Colleges and therefore have to maintain high standards. We protect the interests of the employers, property managers, building owners and facility managers with whom we work.  Can other firms guarantee this before they commence their audits and assessments?  Make sure you ask these questions before proceeding.  

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