A Haworth Document about the use of Ergonomics in Seating. Good overview but more attention needed for smaller seating products


This Haworth Brochure sent to  use via Linked In provides good general information for our clients & readers about ergonomic design in seating.

It should be noted that the BIFMA standards for ergonomic seating has been updated (Optimal Performance was part of the committee who worked on this updates in 2013).

Our review of Haworth’s seating products (disclosure; Optimal does NOT accept any monetary or product or have any incentives to discuss any manufacturers products at any time) reveals the ZODY and VERY chairs fit the 50th percentile female and larger but are not a good fit in terms of armrest widths and seat pan width & length for female statures of <50th percentile. (a 5’4″ female and less)

Solutions for smaller females which we have tested at Optimal Performance include the Herman Miller Embody and the new Steelcase GESTURE chair.  If you are interested in having our research team review seating and other office products for your company please contact us as we provide an objective, third party review for our clients and for furniture manufacturers.

The Ergonomic Team at Optimal Performance Consultants Inc.

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