Private Business; Time to understand the AODA is about Ageing and the need to access the economy!

The population is aging in Canada, the US and Europe. Death rates continue to fall and life expectancy is increasing. Fertility rates are low in Western countries—where they are below replacement levels—and falling in most of the rest of the world. These two phenomena are leading to a change in the age structure of the population, with projections forecasting that the proportion of the population over 65 will rise substantially.

THIS, is what the AODA in Ontario is all about. With ageing comes disability. With disability comes an inability to access shopping malls, hotels, the workplace and restaurants to name a few. 

It is time for retailers, hotels, transportation and business to truly understand this and put into place excellent universal and inclusive design elements and policies to make this work. 

After all we are all ageing; we will all have at least one disability by the age of 50; and we should think of ourselves as being temporarily able bodied and minded!


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