Why the AODA needs to move to an ROI discussion from waiting for the government to act

Jane Sleeth

Jane Sleeth  commented on AODA and Small business: Severe penalties for lack of accessibility…

 Hey has everyone forgotten that this current AODA was the brainchild of the Harris government? One of the most conservative governments ON every experienced! The policy wonks with Harris knew there would be this great shift in ageing of the population coupled with a shortage of skilled labour in our economy. So we need to move away from the naive notion that the AODA is based on helping a minority group called the disabled to talking about real ROI’s resulting from the work of seasoned consultants who have helped business and the private sector to see the financial benefits of the AODA.

Wynne’s hands are tied right now (thanks McGinty), Hukak is a scary fellow with no platform and the NDP, well we know how NDP and unions stifle innovation.

So let’s move this convo to the business case and work together on this basis.

Image JE Sleeth OPC Inc since 1991 less…

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