Soccer Performance and Injury Prevention

It is summer time and people who may not have taken care of fitness during the winter months are out playing tennis, soccer, frisbee etc. Here is a great Blog by a fellow Physiotherapist Randy Bauer about the prevention and treatment of typical ankle injuries. Now go out and have fun while getting fit! JE Sleeth Reg PT and Ergonomic Consultant


Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation

Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries in soccer. The lateral (outside) ankle sprain is the most common site of ankle injury. This injury can range from grade I mild sprains to grade III complete ruptures. There are three ligaments of the lateral ankle. These ligaments can be partially or completely involved with an ankle sprain, dictating the severity of ankle sprain.

The most important point in recovering from an ankle sprain is early management of the injury. This includes medical examination and diagnosis, protection of the injury for healing, and physical therapy for restoration of function, and return to play. Recurring injuries to the ankle are often experienced when management of injury is incomplete.

See Ankle Injury Presentation.

Performing balance activities helps to restore the ankle joint’s responsiveness to change of position. Position sense of the ankle can be impaired by sustained…

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