Where is the back support on your chair?

Our 22 years of observational research and data collection finds >72% of females are perchers in their chairs which leads to many other ergonomic issues for the other joints in the body. A. Purchase chairs which have enough adjustability to fit your stature and B. Sit fully back into the chair at an angle of 100-110 degrees. The Ergonomic Team at OPC Inc

Tracy Secombe's Blog

If you are sitting in front of your computer right now, what kind of chair are you sitting on? Ideally an adjustable one.
Are you sitting on the front edge of your seat or sitting back into the seat?
How does your back, neck and shoulders feel ?
Stand up and look at the back of your seat. If it is adjustable, the lumbar support ( the hump) should be level with the curve in your lower back.
Is your back support sitting on the seat with no gap? This will make you slump
Your chair should be set up so you can sit right back in your seat and relax into your back support.
Does that feel better ?


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