Shoulder pain – stop it in it’s tracks!

An exercise which is still commonly performed in and outside of gyms is the ubiquitous push up. The loads at the shoulder & AC joints of the shoulders is so high as to be a major contributing factor to shoulder injuries. We strongly advise people to use dumb bells in a supine position for the same exercise but without the compressive forces. Exercise is great but only when proper body mechanics are used.

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It’s funny how you don’t notice a certain part of your body until it starts giving you problems. You can be pain free one day until all of a sudden somewhere along the line you hurt your shoulder. You’re not exactly sure when or why, but something is different. A nagging pain is nibbling on your nerves and eventually you can barely pick up your fork to take a bite of your supper.

Sound familiar?  At the osteopathic clinic I regularly see patients that present with this exact picture, especially when it comes to shoulder problems. One moment everything is fine and then something ‘isn’t quite right’.

A relatively normal activity for many people can often be responsible for your shoulder problems or aggravate an already existing shoulder problem because of poor shoulder control and poor movements in other parts of the body. Thus, certain exercises are beneficial to the…

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