Private Companies in Ontario; In case you thought accessibility does not impact your brand read this

MW wrote in one of the Linked In Groups to which I belong

“I know this is off topic but many municipalities are inaccessible. Yes a wheelchair can get over a curb cut but the mindset of the municipality (company) simply isn’t conducive to real access. Accessible I.T. is simply an extension of this as IT, website, e-documents becomes one of the biggest barriers towards accessibility and disability employment.

Like i said, I know nothing about the subject matter so I am speaking in general rather than the details above.

Any Canadian who wants to see a rockstar municipality should research the city of Sarnia. Its not what you see, its how they think and it starts from the top with a mayor who is simply the best.”

Sounds a lot like segragrated washrooms in the southern US

Sounds a lot like segragrated washrooms in the southern US

In another Linked In Group there is a “warning” of sorts

HR quotes “The ADO has commenced attending on site with workplaces to see if they are in compliance with the Customer Service Standards (CSS). Specifically they are asking for evidence of training for all employees on the CSS, Policies and Feedback forms. On Site inspections have occurred with some Ontario Colleges and Municipalities so far. Private companies and businesses will be targeted next….”

Make no mistake. Read some of the Blogs and Discussions in Linked In by many people with disabilities. There is a good deal of anger about some companies who do not comply or do not really put accessibility at the forefront of their businesses. Small groups of people in the disabled community will take their frustration to Human Rights and others will discuss this in the social media. Now is the time for private industry to take accessibility and fold it into Diversity Programs and Inclusion. This will truly impact Brand but also shareholder value.

The AODA Team at OPC Inc


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