A great way to show people who make decisions about seating for your office and facility how many absolutely useless chairs there are in the market. If you need to be certain about your decision ask one of the local ergonomic firms (and make sure they are certified ergonomic experts not OT, PT or Kins) to review seating products for your firm and to narrow the selection down based on ergonomic criterion. We can guide you on this process so feel free at Info@OptimalPerformance.ca

psycho at work

Spending all day in the office, it is surprising how many people take the office furniture for granted. And I must admit, if I think back of all the rooms I worked in I really have to think hard what the chair was like, what kind of pictures were hanging on the wall or what the colour of the carpet was (was there a carpet ?). And especially for people my size (I am well over 1.90 metres) it is important for my well-being that I have a chair that is adjusted to my height and to the height of the table.


photo:  by USCPSC on flickr.com

In your own home you would not accept that ugly picture on the wall or that chair you can’t get out of without a severe back pain. Why put up with that at work ? OK, maybe you don’t have a whole…

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