Sore Neck? Maybe It’s Your glasses…

Graying Geek! What a great description for many of us beyond 40 and “hanging” out with our technology. Good Blog worth our readers reviewing for sure and then checking on your office ergonomics. JESleeth OPC Inc


sore neckBeing a “greying geek” can be a pain in the neck. Literally. Recently, I have been getting more stiff necks during the work week. After suffering with the problem long enough, I narrowed down the cause to being the way I hold my head when I’m working at the computer. The combination of large desktop monitors, trifocal glasses and increasing presbyopia (trouble focusing on near-field objects) was making me wrench my neck into unnatural positions in order to keep my monitors in focus as I worked. Once I had identified the problem, I had a new set of glasses made just for computer work. They are single vision “task” glasses, with the focal sweet spot at about 18-24″ away.

glassesThe new glasses ROCK! I had no idea how much I was compensating for my poor vision. Now I can sweep my eyes from my keyboard to the top of my…

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