Charles Hendricks of The Gaines Group Designs Homes for Convenient Living at Any Age

Proof positive for designers who continue to exclude ergonomic and human factors experts from their design phases of buildings. FORM + FUNCTION = success for the end user!! OPC

Harrisonburg Seniors

There is a beauty that exists in our built environment when a building is balanced, functional, efficient, accessible, healthy, and comfortable. Our homes should allow us to easily accomplish our daily tasks, be comfortable, help us recharge our energy levels, and be able to adapt over time as our needs change. All of these attributes are possible in a home if designed properly by an architect that understands Universal Design and Building Science.

There are many terms to describe design that addresses all of these issues; aging in place, universal design, easy living, sustainable design, just to name a few. Regardless of what you call it, all of these attributes are simply good design. Incorporating elements that allow a home to be more functional for everyone that uses it is as simple as towel bars that act as grab bars, no-step entries, and door levers instead of knobs. These…

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