More on the OBC with Accessibility Addendae for January 2014 from Linked In Discussions


An example of proposed changes includes allowing for easier turning radius for electric wheelchairs in work areas.


HI David thanks for the follow up; the OBC 2006 has always had some components of “barrier free design” in it. The OBC which is currently undergoing its third & final review (due March 1 2013) will now contain Addendae with Accessibility requirements (more progressive than the notion of barrier free). An example is the old turning radius sizes in the 2006 OBC will allow for greater radius in the 2014 version which is the difference between a T turn versus backing out of a space in a wheelchair (new accessibility addendae take into account both manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs which have very different turning radiae). Builders and Contractors who chose with their clients to take this a step further have been and will keep using the CSA’s Barrier Free Design standards as these mimic the International Build Codes and other more advanced forms of Accessible and Universal Design.  The shrinking sizes of workstations will no doubt be impacted by the release of the 2014 Build Code for Ontario (OBC 2014).  JE Sleeth OPC Inc Ergonomics and Accessibility since 1991

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