This is what UNIVERSAL Design is all about; use standardized approaches to design and the risk for human error as seemingly simple as door direction will be eliminated. Sigh however as designers chose form over function every time. Hence our ergonomic practice still being very busy 22 years after starting the firm. 80% of our business is in cleaning up poor design by designers, architects and engineers.


Have you been on a first date and wanted to be a gentlemen and hold the door for your date?

You reach for the handle. You aren’t really sure to push or pull.

But you are pretty sure it’s pull.

So you pull.

Clunck. It’s stuck. So you pull even harder. CLUNCK.

…#thatawkwardmoment when you know your date just saw that happen.

At this point, you don’t think you’ll be getting a second date but….

You gently push on the door. Creek. The door opens with little fuss.

Yup, no second date.

Hi there! It’s Julian. Welcome to Ergoproblems. As demonstrated by my little story (no, it did not happen to me), this blog is about design and ergonomics.

Good design communicates to a person how an object should be used.  There should be no labels or instructions, just intuition.

If the door handles had clearly indicated whether the door was…

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