For designers who read this please do not think because this works for the nature of the job demands and culture at Google or FB that this will work for all client types. Unless you have a clear understanding of the cognitive & physical demands of a job called a JDA (certified ergonomists provide this science to the design process), work flow, SOP’s the use of Open concepts are not for every workplace or every department in a workplace. Some job demands require quiet concentrated types of work with high mental demands for example. Some employees may have alternate learning and working styles and require less distraction. Some employees may be deaf, deafened or hard of hearing and need an alternate style of workstation. The human element is key in all designs yet rarely measured by ergonomists for designers.


The likes of Facebook, Google and Bloomberg have all adopted the Open Plan Design, where office spaces are saying goodbye to the traditional cubicles and transitioning to a modern design that emphasizes sharing, communications and transparency.

Take a look at some of the companies that have successfully adopted the Open Plan Design.

Take a look at this virtual your to the New York Bloomgberg Office!

Quite a departure from the traditional cubicle design , right?

So why is everyone jumping on the Open Plan Design bandwagon?

1. Economical

Think about it, you are able to construct a space for employees in the office by getting rid of the materials needed to make partitions. The company also saves money because only centralized areas need to be heated, cool or lighted.

2. Communication

Communication between employees becomes much more efficient. Rather than leaving a voice mail or sending an email…

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