We are remiss to rain the parade when new products are being released. The use of the high neck supports in chairs has clearly been shown in anatomical and physiological studies to cause the head to be placed into a forward flexed posture. Unless the job demands require the end user to lean back and perhaps sleep in the chair or if we find an employee with a neurological condition impacting their ability to hold the head up,there is no objective evidence as to why these are required in the design of a chair. When in doubt as a consumer always ask Certified Ergonomists who do not have any affiliation with product or seating. OPC Inc


    1. HI there Balance Bio – yes there are some Ergonomists/Human Factors Specialists who work in the Oil Fields and within the Oil Industry itself. This can range from the design of vehicles and processes in the oil fields and refining operations to determining workloads and other ergonomic design aspects to lower the physical and mental demands of work. JESleeth OPC Inc

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