At Optimal we recommended people look up the best cities and locations where people with disabilities are foremost in the designs and way finding. This translates well to young families with carriages and older travellers being able to access a city and its buildings readily. This also translates to better business for the city and location; a lesson being lost on cities like Toronto which are inaccessible. JE Sleeth OPC Inc

Design With the Future In Mind

Guest post compliments of Ashley O’Connor:

Taking a trip with seniors is a good way to help them fight off boredom.  Traveling is also a perfect means for the senior citizens to relax.  Upon reaching the golden age, most seniors just stay at home and do simple activities to occupy their time.  So why not take them on a vacation?

Planning a family vacation with the seniors demands you to take into account a few factors.  Thinking of these considerations can help make sure an enjoyable and comfortable vacation for the elderly.

Look for senior friendly destination – A vacation destination for the young adults may seem not suitable for the seniors.  Check out those travel hot spots where every member of the family can enjoy including the seniors.  Browse over the net and search for ideal places for the entire family.  Start searching from local destinations where you have not gone…

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