We carefully researched the English dictionaries and Latin roots of the word Ergonomic. At Optimal we have used the correct term Ergonomic for over 22 years. Proud of my command of the English language thanks for Phonetics, super English teachers and my Mom’s teachings! JE Sleeth

Guy Osmond

annoyedXXXSmallAm I the only English-speaking person in the sector bothered about the frequent misuse of the word “ergonomic” by people who really should know better? Before I expand this little rant, I suppose I should start by saying “Yes, I have read (and thoroughly enjoyed) “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” by Lynne Truss and I empathise with most of what’s said when I watch “Grumpy Old Men/Women”.  I am also happy to accept that I am quite pedantic about semantics.

But I think there is a serious issue about getting the general public to understand more about ergonomics and I am sure we confuse them or delay the understanding when we are vague in our own use of language.

I am not talking here about “ergonomic slippers” or “ergonomic dog baskets” or those “ergonomic leather chairs” available for £39.95 from your local retail park stationer.  I recognise that these…

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