Stand at Work; response to IFMA Post worth repeating Sunday Jan 27th 2013

Hey Michel (IFMA Education Committee)- great graphic about the ROI of good office design….


There is an associate of ours studying the impact of productivity using an engineering approach to measuring the ROI of excellent office design as part of his Masters Degree. We can share his results once he has completed his Masters of Science degree.  In the meantime there are many good studies using the ROI in Human resources data and operational data on the benefits of excellent ergonomic design. The frustrating part is in convincing designers that a. there is a tangible ROI and b.  ergonomic design does not have to negatively impact form in the form versus function debate.  

The other important  part of this discussion should occur around the employee satisfaction surveys following the construction and renovation of office buildings which meet LEED requirements. The level of employee satisfaction remains lower than before or at best the same as before the move in. The US Building Science group finds one of the main reasons for this is the human factor ie the employee’s ergonomic and accessibility needs were not factored in and are not factored in with LEED certification. Amazing to think that Green buildings forgot to consider the human factor who will live, work and breath in those very buildings.  Jane Sleeth Sr Consultant OPC Inc

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