Medicare Basics – Summary of the Nov 2012 Aging in Place Business Round Table: Harrisonburg Rockingham Va!

In Ontario with the release of the AODA and its impact on ageing workers and consumers you will start to hear more about “Ageing in Place”. The idea is that we make our buildings especially our homes Universally designed so we can live in them safely and efficiently for as long as possible. The costs to healthcare ie. falling injuries with fractured hips for example is enormous and largely preventable with excellent Universal Design features in a home. Read this Blog and learn more about this topic. Recommended by JE Sleeth Reg PT and Universal Design expert

Harrisonburg Seniors

Medicare Expert Marci Kramer of MarciCare presented “Medicare Basics”, which included:

  • A clear summary of the different aspects of Medicare coverage
  • The impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare
  • How/when to sign up for Medicare
  • Resources for information

You can see Marci’s presentation here: Medicare Basics from Marci Kramer

To contact Marci Kramer: 703-965-1479;;

Architect Charles Hendricks of The Gaines Group did a member spotlight presentation highlighting his firm’s dedication to value added design that is energy-efficient, durable, and healthy.  The Gaines Group has designed many residences and communities for senior citizens in Harrisonburg and Charlottesville Virginia, and Charles himself is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist.
The firm supports numerous community service projects, including Charles’ role as co-chair of the Aging in Place Business Round Table from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce.

You can Charles’ presentation by clicking here: The_Gaines_Group_Presentation to…

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