As North America’s population ages at a faster rate thanks to the Baby Boomers & lower fertility rates in NA you will start to see more discussion about making homes Universally Designed. This means more people will be able to stay in their homes versus heading to the “granny flat” or a residential “old folks home”. Great Blog on how this can and should be done. JE Sleeth & The Universal Design/Ergonomic team at OPC

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universal designUniversal bathrooms have become a mainstay of interior design because of the need to make homes more accessible for all occupants, regardless of health status or age. This need is made evident by the first wave of those reaching the age of sixty in the early part of the 21st century. We are seeing the largest senior population ever in U.S. history. Reasons for including universal bathrooms in many Matawan homes include more accessibility for those with special needs, higher home values and better resale probability.

Important design elements

What are some of the important design elements in a universal bathroom? Obviously, a traditionally designed bathroom is not easily accessible to many people because of the common barriers to mobility such as walls, partitions, doorways, fixture height, bathing accessibility, flooring choices and more. A universal bathroom addresses all these possible impediments without compromising aesthetics and visual appeal.

Universal bathrooms are…

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