The Ministry of Labour for Ontario is recommencing its OH&S and Ergonomic Blitz

Safety Blitzes Announced for Ontario Workplaces

The Ontario Ministry of Labour (“MOL”) has announced that three workplace enforcement blitzes targeting workplace hazards will be conducted by MOL Inspectors this winter:

  • January/February: underground mines will be inspected to check hazards that may affect air quality;
  • February/March: industrial and construction workplaces will be checked for slips, trips and fall hazards; (these often result from human factors design issues; make sure your ergonomic programs are in place and working effectively)
  • February/March: health care workplaces will be checked for workplace violence and harassment. (are all aspects of design including ergonomic design in place which can prevent workplace harassment from taking place?)
  • 2013 – on going Ergonomic Inspections all workplaces including offices – called Soft Tissue Prevention. Is your Ergonomic Program, Job Demands Analysis Inventories and Ergonomic Hazard Assessment process in place and up to date?
  • Contact the high level ergonomic experts at OPC Inc to learn more and determine how we can help in a tangible and ROI way!  Info@OptimalPerformance.caImage

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