Urgent from Optimal Performance; The AODA Build Code Review until March 2013 with Launch January 2014!

Ontario CodeNews from Optimal Performance Consultants for January 7 2013!

Public Consultation on Building Code Accessibility Requirements Until March 1 2013 to Launch January 2014.

Public consultations play a key role in the development of Building Code requirements. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is seeking Ontarian’s and Ontario based business views on potential updates to accessibility requirements.

Public consultation on these potential updates is now underway. Stakeholders and the public have until March 1, 2013, to submit comments.

A consultation paper and details of the potential technical changes are available online. Optimal can provide a summary of the paper upon request via AODA@OptimalPerformance.ca. On the subject line please indicate “request for summary of Build Code Consultation Paper”

Ministry staff will hold online information sessions to explain the potential changes and to answer questions.

We recommend your organization play a role in this in order to shape the look of the Build Code for Ontario. You can access the consultation paper, potential Code Changes or submit a comment form by contacting us at Optimal Performance Consultants or via the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ontario.

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